6 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You’re in a Relationship


Let's get selfish for a moment. And the Selfish means "take care of ourselves''. Because a person who does not practice self-care is like a mermaid without a tail. It means, you can swim, but it's tiresome. Plus, taking care of yourself doesn't just make you feel better but also contributes to a happier relationship. 

When you’re in a relationship, it can be easy to ignore your own needs. We may get too stuck in the enthusiasm of it, and fail to take care of ourselves, and it may result in our mental and physical well-being.

It's just as necessary to take care of yourself while in a relationship as it is to take care of the relationship. Exact same thing goes for your family, friendships, and others in your inner circle. To be the perfect you can be for any of them, you need to be good at knowing when it’s time to change gears and concentrate on yourself.

Here are 6 ways to practice self-care in your relationships:

  1. Take time for you  

Time away from your partner or others give you a chance to recharge, think or participate in solo activities that bring you personal fulfillment. 

It can be difficult for many people to prioritize their own needs, particularly in a relationship where you actually love the other person. But it is absolutely important if you want to be the best version of yourself. If you take care of your own needs, you can be a better friend, partner, support system, and all of those other major roles in a relationship. Often the best way to meet your needs is to spend some time alone figuring out what they are. Self-care in a relationship includes being aware of your needs and knowing how to handle them.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Set Boundaries


You have the strength to judge whether to leave a painful situation or take care of yourself in it. Boundaries transmit the message that your needs count and that you deserve as equal, loving partnership. Setting boundaries for yourself will help you figure out what you need to do to look after yourself.

Relationships needs limits in order to be healthy. Setting boundaries for yourself will decide what you need to do next. They are never about exerting power over the other person.

When every person takes responsibility for their own needs, instead of expecting the relationship to take care of their every need, the relationship remains healthy. 

  1. Start a hobby

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to paint or join a sports team, but never had the time or motivation to do it.

A new hobby allows you to enjoy something other than your relationship, and helps you stay connected with other people.

  1. Care for Your Body

Diet, exercise, water, and sleep are all essential. These are the four pillars that support your mental health. If either of these pillars is out of balance, it can throw the rest of your life into disarray. That is why it is important to take care of your body on a regular basis.

Listen to the body when it comes to nutrition. Keep track of which foods give you energy and which cause you to crash. Keep track of what you eat and which days you feel achy and slow. Avoiding those foods, and relying instead on whole, unprocessed foods to fuel your body can make a big difference in how you feel.

Meanwhile, exercising on a daily basis can keep you feeling powerful and capable. Frequent workouts can also boost your mood and energy levels. This will help your relationship out by making you all-around more fun to be around.

  1. Make time for friends

When you’re in a relationship, particularly in the beginning, you might spend a lot of your free time with your partner.

No one person can fulfil all your needs, so it’s essential to make plans with friends or family. Strong friendships help us in times of anxiety and difficulty, and they also bring us happiness, so make sure you hold onto them when you’re in a relationship.

  1. Try not to be too dependent

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own happiness. Depending on others to make you happy is unhealthy, and it can also isolate you from other big things in your life.

Whether through starting a new hobby or making time for your friends, you can create your own happiness and look after yourself, helping make you and your relationship stronger.


Taking care of yourself is essential regardless of what stage of life you’re in. You can’t wait for someone to make you happy, even when you’re in a relationship. There’s an old adage that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else, and it’s totally true. If you’re not taking care of yourself completely, you end up with a body that is tired and fatigued and an attitude that is strained. This can come out in a different way, whether it’s being sadder than you would normally be or snapping at your significant other. But no matter how it comes out, it doesn’t come out attractive. Rather than spending all of your time and energy trying to make others happy, use a portion of that energy to make yourself happy. Your relationship will thrive as a result!