Low Cost Places to Get Therapy Online

Online therapy is a growing industry that lets people connect with licensed mental health professionals from the comfort of home or on the go. Most sites allow their users to speak with a therapist via messaging, video calls, live chats, and phone calls. It gives the people who use online therapy considerable flexibility in choosing exactly how they wish to interact with a therapist.

Online therapy can be a great alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. All of the significant platforms use licensed practitioners who have the same qualifications that you would expect to find when visiting a therapist's office in person. 

Here are some low-cost sites that will provide users with a prescription for psychiatric medication online. 

  1. iPrevail

Website: https://www.iprevail.com/

iPrevail is an anonymous online and peer counseling service where you can anonymously message trained listeners. iPrevail begins by asking you a series of questions about your behavior, thoughts, and feelings surrounding depression and anxiety. Once completed, you are then assigned a customized path and connected with trained peer listeners.


Speaking with trained listeners is free. Paid subscriptions are available for $9.99 per month for those who wish to speak with a licensed professional.

  1. Therapy Aid

Website: https://therapyaid.org/

Therapy Aid Coalition's mission is to develop a national network of psychotherapists capable of responding to crises within the United States. Therapy Aid connects essential workers and their families to support groups and therapists.


This volunteer-based platform works with therapists willing to offer their services pro bono or for a meager cost. When you sign up, you fill out a questionnaire that asks what state you reside in and how much you're willing to pay for your session (from $0 to $50).


  1. eTherapyPro

Website: https://etherapypro.com/

There's no cost for the first 3 days. Try it out risk-free. After that, they offer unlimited online Counseling with a licensed counselor for just $40 per week. That's about a third of the cost of an hour-long session of in-office counseling.

Your eTherapyPro online counseling account includes secure and confidential messaging that works like email. Communicate as often as you like back and forth with your therapist – whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you.

You may schedule the following services directly with your counselor: Live Chat, Live Video, Phone Call.

  1. 7 Cups

Website: https://www.7cups.com/

This free online counseling website provides access to trained volunteers who offer non-therapeutic advice. Anyone can sign up for a free membership to 7 Cups, even teenagers who are looking for other (trained) teenagers to lend them listening ears.

However, if you feel like you might need professional help, you can upgrade your membership to give you access to a licensed therapist, who will offer coping mechanisms and a management plan for $150 a month.

  1. Ginger.io

Website: https://www.ginger.com/

Ginger.io offers individual plans based on your needs and regularly monitors your progress. As part of the app, you can work with licensed professionals who provide chat times, therapy video sessions, and psychiatric help, depending on which plan you sign up for.


Ginger.io begins at $129 per month.

  1. Woebot

Website: https://woebothealth.com/

Woebot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Woebot checks in with you daily and creates a chart based on your logged moods. Woebot builds a relationship with you over time by evaluating your behavior and thought patterns, developer Allison Darcy, Ph.D., previously told The Mighty.

You can try Woebot for free for up to two weeks, after which, Woebot will cost $39 per month. You can begin messaging Woebot through its Facebook page.

  1. Lantern

Website: https://golantern.com/

Lantern is a web platform designed based on cognitive-behavioral therapy. You can take a preliminary quiz to determine which program will suit you best, after which you are paired with a coach for one-on-one messaging.


Lantern costs $49 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

  1.  Talkspace

Website: https://www.talkspace.com/

Talkspace is a website and app that allows you to connect with licensed therapists in an affordable, anonymous, and virtual way. You begin by chatting with a therapist to identify your needs and then, based on those results, are matched with a long-term therapist. You can message your therapist and expect to hear back from them a couple of times a day. Several therapists will also schedule appointments where you can send instant message them.


Talkspace's basic messaging plan is $32 per week

  1. Pride Counseling

Website: https://www.pridecounseling.com/

Pride Counseling charges between $60-$90 per week, billed monthly every 4 weeks, and it is based on your location preferences. It includes unlimited messaging with your therapist and one live virtual session per week. They also offer financial aid for those that qualify. Lastly, if you sign up through one of the websites, podcasts, or YouTube channels they sponsor, you can receive an additional 10% off your first month.

  1. Brightside

Website: https://www.brightside.com/

Brightside includes an expert provider network, data-driven prescribing decisions, ongoing care monitoring with unlimited check-ins with your doctor as needed, and the privacy and convenience of telemedicine. Brightside measures everything they do and shows accurate results in an area that has traditionally lacked outcome data. 83% of Brightside members have a clinically significant symptom reduction within 12 weeks, and a complete 60% achieve remission levels in the same period. Combining focused software and services allows Brightside to deliver practical, affordable, and scalable care to meet this massive need. The Brightside Medication Plan is $95/month, and the company plans to start accepting insurance, making it even more accessible. Brightside also recently launched an additional offering Therapy, offering unlimited messaging with a licensed therapist and a personalized, evidence-based treatment plan. It allows the company to provide both of the primary and proven treatment approaches for depression and anxiety. 

  1. Faithful Counseling

Website: https://www.faithfulcounseling.com/

Faithful Counseling is a professional mental health service that allows users to connect with licensed therapists that share a Christian background. By combining Biblical wisdom with clinical expertise in mental health, our counselors do their best to invite God into the conversation and formulate actionable plans that best address the unique challenges their clients face.

The cost of Counseling through FaithfulCounseling ranges from $60 to $90 per week (billed every 4 weeks), and it is based on your location, preferences, and therapist availability. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

  1. Teen Counseling

Website: https://www.teencounseling.com/

TeenCounseling is an online platform where teens from ages 13-19 can get help from a licensed therapist online. TeenCounseling.com makes affordable, discreet, professional Counseling available through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. All teens can benefit from having a professional counselor at their fingertips to discuss coping skills, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, depression, bullying, anger, eating disorders or other mental challenges.

Counseling is done in four ways:

  • Exchanging messages with the counselor
  • Chatting live with the counselor
  • Speaking over the phone with the counselor
  • Video conferencing with the counselor


The cost of Counseling through TeenCounseling ranges from $60 to $80 per week. Your parent is responsible for payment. The subscription can be canceled at any time for any reason.